Best Gadgets to Use with Android Phones

All sorts of Android devices can keep people connected to each other no matter where they are. Also, people get to use Android-based applications that are available for free and add more to their life.

To make sure that you make the most of your Android devices, you can always add a few gadgets to charge these devices, connect them with your TV, computers, smart TV and satellite TV and other devices as well. To get these devices you can use Amazon and get the best items available.

Let’s have a look at the different devices that you can find on Amazon and help you connect your Android devices. Also, these devices can be the best travel gadgets that you can use on your business trips, hotel stays and when you are hitting the road to charge your phone, connect for meetings in conference rooms and other occasions:

Olixar USB C Wireless Charging Adapter

This is one of the best ways to connect with your Android devices, especially if you have to connect h USB-C devices, The charging adapters are upgraded to work with almost A range of your Samsung devices even if the case is on your phone and as long as the transmission distance doesn’t exceed more than 5mm, the USB C compatible device will wirelessly charge through the case.

This means that you can get your Qi receiver hooked and install your case and don’t worry about the charger. All you need to do is connect the Olixar USB C wireless charging adapter to your device using the USB-C port, connect the wireless receiver patch on the back of your device and place it on a wireless charging pad. The gadgets let you chargers without any wires getting tangled around you and making less or no mess at all wherever you are.

Amazon Rating: 3.6

mophie Wireless 15W Charging Pad

This super useful gadget that you can use to juice up your phone using a wireless connection can become one of the best devices. Using this charging pad, you do not need to worry about using wall chargers or finding a charging point as this gadget is compatible with almost all kinds of smartphones and accessories in a short time and with great efficiency.

You can safely get around 15W of power to charge your devices and get universal compatibility with almost any Qi-enabled device. All you need to do is place your device on the charging pad and get your devices charged instantly.

Amazon Rating: 4.4

USB-C To HDMI 4K 60Hz Adapter for TVs and Monitors

This is one of the most amazing and easy-to-use gadgets that you can use with your Android devices and get to enjoy videos and conferences on a 4K HDTV or HD display without making much effort. You can watch movies, shows, play games and even your photo collection in full HD along with a multichannel digital audio output. Also, this can help you stay productive while conducting meetings, presentations using a big screen.

The USB-C to HDMI adapter supports up to 4K@60Hz without lagging or buffering and gets you a clear output. You can also use mirror mode and extend mode to use two monitors. One of the best things is that you are not required to use any additional drivers or software or installation to use the device. All you need to do is connect your smartphone or your USB-C compatible laptop to a projector or a monitor or any other compatible device using the adapter.

Amazon Rating: 4.2

USB Type C Cable 3.1A Fast Charging

If you want to get fast data sync and charging for your Android devices, you can get amazing support and a safe way to get high-speed charging and get a fast data transfer for all your data on the phone. The gadget lets you keep up with the latest trends of the USB interface, these cables are very user-friendly and allow you to plug into all of your USB C-compatible devices without worrying about the port.

One of the best things about these cables is that they are encased in Triple-Braided Nylon fiber, which prevents them from frequent twisting & abrasions and are ideal for heavy-duty use. You can use the cables by lying on the couch or your sofa and use your devices while you are charging them. You can use these cables for almost all Android devices that support Type C charging devices.

Amazon Rating: 4.6

In the end, one can say that you can use and add almost all kinds of enhancements and gadgets to your Android devices. These enhancements and accessories are available very easily online and at a very affordable rate on Amazon and their official websites as well.