Distinct Ways to Personalise a Funeral

Funerals used to be a sad affair. These days, more and more people choose to celebrate life well-lived rather than embrace the loneliness of losing a loved one. Instead of the standard funeral service, they go for a personalised event – complete with a theme, a colour motif, and even singing and dancing.

Here are some unique ideas on how you can personalise a funeral service in memory of a dearly departed, which you can execute with the help of funeral directors in Leeds.

Plan a themed memorial

Like planning birthdays and weddings, you can also arrange funerals following a theme. The theme may be about the deceased’s favourite hobby or interest to celebrate the person and the life they lived. There are no set rules on this type of memorial service. You can go as quirky as you like, and you can do it together with a regular religious service, which you may also hold alongside.

Request guests to come in a special attire

Although it is not always mentioned, there is a standard funeral outfit people attending a service are expected to wear. But if you think black and other muted colours look too sad, you can go against the standards and request your guests to come in special attire instead. The dress code may follow the theme, or you may ask your guests to come in a different colour other than black, including bright colours, which were previously frowned upon.

Design a program with music, dancing, and personalised eulogy

A celebration of life may be composed of different elements. But basically, they all point to an idea – to honour the life of the dead. You can fill the program with music, dancing, and a candid speech to talk about the significance of the deceased to the people attending the service. Eulogies are common in standard funerals. But you can make the delivery lighter by focusing on happy memories and joyous remembrance rather than the loneliness of losing a loved one.

Honour your deceased loved one with a fireworks display

Nothing could make a beautiful soul shine than a fireworks display set off in their honour. This is one of the most fantastic techniques to add colour to a memorial service. However, before adding this feature to the send-off party, you must first find a qualified team to handle it. In addition, you must ensure everyone’s safety and that lighting up the sky will not violate any existing regulations in your area.

Donate to charity

Even in death, making a difference is a beautiful way to exit the world. So allow your dearly departed that opportunity by asking your guests to donate to a particular charity or cause instead of sending off flowers.

To celebrate one’s life after death allows the memory to live on. Today, you can plan a funeral creatively, depending on how you think you can pay tribute to the life lived and celebrate their highs instead of dwelling on the sadness of your loss. For some people, a unique funeral is therapeutic. It helps them to cope by looking back on the good memories.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/candle-funeral-cemetery-mood-3807156/