A list of safety tips for motorcycle riders to reduce fatal accidents

According to the latest government statistics,  motorcycles are considered the vehicle types that register the biggest growth rate of an average of 5.4% in the last five years.  As more and more people fall in love with motorcycles,  it is also identified by the Transport Safety Bureau that motorcycle rider deaths have increased 30 times as compared to accidents of other passenger vehicles.

You ask a motorcycle accident lawyer and he will tell you the safety measures that a rider should take in order to keep accidents at bay. Due to the fact that motorcycles are being driven on balance,  accidents often lead to life-altering injuries for the victims. Here are some useful tips to prevent motorcycle accidents.

Wear a helmet

If there is something that motorcycle Riders can do to protect themselves in the event of an accident,  it is by wearing a helmet. Helmets have reduced the risk of serious brain injuries and even death by up to 69%. The most important factor to keep in mind while choosing a helmet is how well it fits you. The helmet that you choose should snugly fit on your head and should never be too tight or too loose. It is also important to choose a helmet that is comfortable so that you are not distracted while riding.

Practice defensive riding

If you still don’t know what defensive riding is,  it is about being a lot of your surroundings and predicting what other drivers might do. While riding a motorcycle,  you should always be prepared to take evasive action whenever needed. Listed below are a few quick tips that will help you with defensive riding:

  • Assume that other drivers are not able to see you
  • Ride in the middle of the lane so that other Riders have to change lanes while passing you
  • Utilize your horn to signal your presence to other Riders
  • Use hand signals to communicate  with other drivers
  • Be ready to take evasive action whenever required

Obey traffic laws

If motorcycle Riders have to guarantee their safety while riding on the road,  they have  to follow the numerous traffic laws that are meant for motorcycle Riders. A motorcycle rider should wear a helmet,  follow the speed limit,  signal while changing lanes,  and never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Traffic laws exist for everyone and motorcycle Riders should take them seriously too.

So now that you are aware of the ways in which you should avoid motorcycle accidents,  follow them religiously to take care of your life.